Forgotten login details

If your school subscribes to Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition, you can ask your teacher or the teacher who administers Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition accounts at your school for your login details. Otherwise, you have three other options:

  1. Look for your password and username in the email sent to you when you first subscribed to Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition.
  2. If you don't have a copy of that email, fill in the form below and we will send you another email.

    Please note: It will be sent to the email address we have in our records. You will not be able to change your email address using this form. (Go to option 3 to do this.)

  3. If you changed your email address since you last updated your personal details, contact us.

    The Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition team will check the system to verify your information then send your username and password to your new email address.

    (Note: Retrieval via this option may take up to one full business day.)